Has A Stately Tree Suddenly Become Firewood? Has Sandy Rubbed You The Wrong Way?

Has A Stately Tree Suddenly Become Firewood?  Has Sandy Rubbed You The Wrong Way? If you have storm damage what can you do?  Is your car under a tree or in some water?  What now? damaged Tree Many people may find themselves in this situation today. You need your car and you need the tree parts or other debris removed so you can get on with things. But your insurance agent or his appraisers may not be available, or won’t be available for days. And they will be over worked, it not overwhelmed. You may be stuck can’t contact your agent or if your agent does not give you the all clear to move things or he may ask you to document the damage or conditions prior to doing anything first. This is when a certified home and property inspector like me can be a big help to you.

  • We can photo document the damage or the risk conditions.
  • Our photography is of the quality and resolution to capture all details.
  • We are forensically trained photographers and provide sequenced series that locate and detail what happened or is occuring.
  • We provide accurate photo (and video) documentaion that is deliverable electronically.
  • In many instances the documentation is suffucent so the appraisers don’t have to make an immediate site visit.

So when you find yourself or others in this position, cretified professional home and property inspectors like me are able to provide this service. We do recommend that you contact your insurance agent or provider for their advice and approval befor taking any action. And please be mindfull that any time branches, trees or other objects have been damaged or displaced, there is always the risk that live downed wires are present.     Original blog post on ActiveRain: Link to Blog Post


You Sure Don’t Want To See These Two Kissing!

The Pot Light And The Duct: Anybody who appreciates a good turn of phrase will enjoy this artfull done bit of ‘toung in cheek’ writing. The writer is drawing attention to a serious condition.

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Kids.  I know, I know.  This is a couple you don’t even want together, and you sure don’t want to see these two kissing!

Call me a bigot, I don’t care.  These two simply shouldn’t be together.  Their kind shouldn’t even mingle.

Look at that hot thing – young, petit hard body, great curves, round caboose, maybe a little overdressed.  You can just see how wired and hot she is.  All that clothing though!  She really shouldn’t be so wrapped up.  She needs to show herself off better, let some of her smoking, hot self dissipate.  But still, she’s the light of somebody’s life.

And look at him.  Laying beside her.  Just snuggling up.  Can’t keep his body off of her.  Tall, thin, full of hot air.  He does his best work in the dark.  Just the kind I hate seeing around her.  Just the kind.  And he’s strapped in, ready for the long haul.

I actually feel worse for him than her.  He’s going to get burned, and burned bad!  She’s going to punch a hole right through those skinny ribs.  Funny, at first my instinct was to protect her, but it’s him that needs the distance.  She is stuck in her ways, and will never move.

But he’s stealing a kiss!  What a dope.  He is thin skinned.  He has no idea what he’s in for.

They haven’t been together long, only a couple of days.  And they are both so young, neither knows what it’s like to be really turned on, YET, at least to the degree they will when they get hot for each other.  But once they’re turned on, wow, things will get hot fast!

So what can I do?  I have no relationship with either one.  I’m just a friend looking out for the best interests of someone buying into this whole thing.  They hired me because they know how discriminating I can be.  That’s right, I discriminate.  I’m like that – really critical.  Sure, some people don’t like it, but I am who I am and make money because of it!  And, like the detective I am, I snapped a revealing photo.  Proof!  Right there!

Some very nice people have asked me for my opinion and I intend to give it.


And don’t let them even touch each other again.  Proximity is everything.  This couple was put together through no fault of their own.  But keep them apart.  Forever.

My recommendation:  tough love is very parental, looks cold, but sometimes it’s the best thing.  It’s especially helpful, though, crucial really, in the long run.  The best time to catch a couple like this is on an inspection of new construction, before the final walk through.



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One Of The First Things You Should Do After Moving Into Your New Home

This is not a re-hash of the usual “Top Ten Things To Do When…..”. These maintenance clean ups are really perodic chores that we need to be doing always, not just after a move or before a sale. Thats a good time to check them though.

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What’s One Of The First Things You Should Do After Moving Into Your New Home?

You’ve just moved, and the last thing you need is me adding to your “to-do” list.  But this is something many homeowners don’t think of and it could become a serious problem if neglected.

If the previous owners didn’t follow manufacturers’ suggested maintenance on their appliances, you could be the one paying the price.

water filter

When we moved into our home earlier this year I wasn’t happy with the taste of the water that dispensed from the refrigerator door.

 My husband checked the filter, and the filter was disgusting.

This type of filter is supposed to be changed every six months.

Based on it’s appearance, we weren’t sure it had ever been changed.

A dirty, clogged filter can cause serious damage to your refrigerator and is a threat to your family’s health.

We replaced the filter and the water tastes great and flows much faster now.


Another area to check is under the refrigerator.  In order to run efficiently, the coils must be cleaned regularly.

 Here’s what we found when we checked under ours:

dirty refrigerator coils

 It requires 25% more energy to run the refrigerator when the coils are covered in dust.


What about the other appliances??

Some washing machines have water filters that need changing.

Lint-clogged dryer exhaust vents are the #1 cause of dryer fires.  Manufacturers recommend cleaning at least once a year to be sure your dryer is operating efficiently and to prevent fires.

Cleaning Tip for greasy stove hood filters:

vents in pan of water

Boil water in a very large pan.  Add 1/2 Cup Baking Soda….very slowly (a spoonful at a time) because it will fizz.  Place stove hood filter in boiling water and continue to boil about 5 mins.  All the grease will melt away.  Rinse under hot water and let air dry.

One of the first things you should do after moving is

check all appliances, heating/AC systems, and water/air purifiers for filters that need cleaning or replacement.

 It could extend the life of the product, protect the health of your family, and save you time and money.



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