What’s Wrong with this Picture? What? You want to use the fan AND the doors??


Yes. Goof like this DO exist!

Most are not quite so ‘in-your-face’ though. Mis-appliations of ceiling fans occasionally can be dangerous. This one rates an ‘oh-my’ not an OMG.

I have 3 files full of those.

The most dangerous one I posted on my company blog.

The links is Guillotine O.M.G.

I’ll be posting to to Active Rain soon.


Fan installed too close to french doors

ANSWER: Not enough clearance for fan and doors to operate properly.

A recent visit to this home revealed a minor problem with operating the ceiling fan. It seems the fan was installed while the French Doors were in the open position. Oops! Upon completing the installation and confirming the fan was operational, it was discovered that the clearance around the fan radius was insufficient for either of the doors to close or open. Looking at the picture, it almost appears that both the fan and the doors can continue to be functional–just not at the same time! Although this renovation is regrettable, I can’t help but think that it probably gets a pretty good laugh in this particular household…though mostly at the expense of this poor do-it-yourselfer. A thanks to Doug Horton on our Virginia Inspection Team for sharing this picture with me.

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