OMG FILE: Saturday Feb 5, 2011 No Guts, No Glory!

No Guts, No Glory!


The guts label is that this under sink drainage installation resembles an intestinal tract. So this gung ho weekend warrior decided to ‘go for it’. Clearly he didn’t know exactly what to do but he had a problem to solve. He got the glory – it doesn’t leak and it’s not clogged (yet).

I can’t be sure if he really didn’t understand what a water trap is for (or a clean out) or if he decided he should use all the parts in the box. Its’ a safe bet no venting was factored into this ‘fix’.

You ask any plumber; this is where the amateurs make the mistakes. On the supply side either the lack of water or the water leaks keep the weekend warrior at it till he lucks into it of has to get help.

If one’s needed, two must be better and oh yes, lets add a clean out while we’re at it. Unless there is a blockage below the floor this clean out won’t be much help.

And the slow drainage with the gurgling noise, you ask? This weekend plumber will say its a lot quieter than the bucket that it replaced!

No Guts…No Glory…no good!


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