OMG FILE: Saturday Feb 5, 2011 Worst MLS Photo

THE WORST MLS  Photo, from the O.M.G.Files of Robert Butler – Aspect Inspection

Here it is. The worst photo I’ve ever seen on an MLS listing (and the only one).

I’ve never seen another one taken at night! This was late December a year or two ago. This may have been late afternoon, but  the street lights are on, and it’s got to be the saddest home presentation I’ve ever seen.

I copied this image directly from the MLS page so I could enlarge it and examine details. I was scheduled to inspect it in 72 hours. It had been a quadruplex renovated into a triplex.

This is a drive by shooting! The bright spot above the stop sign is not a street light. It’s the flash reflection off the car window when the agent took the photo with his cell phone. He didn’t even roll down the window to take the picture!

I thought this one is going to be interesting and it was. There were so many issues in this property that this sad photo is actually representational. My client however was looking for a project. I had to impress upon him how big a project it was/is. He was undeterred. He got his project and then some.


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