New Asbestos :” Its out there”

Here is something you should know : Asbestos components are not limited to PAST installations



Read the lettering on the pipe. It says the same thing in both french and English.

Asbestose cement do not dry cut” This is a warning for the installers.

Now look at the date above that; ‘13.05.09’ The punctuation is in french format but it means this product was fabricated May 13 th, 2009.

I inspected this multi unit condo building in June of 2010. This piping is running overhead in the ceiling of the common basement parking area.

So as the X Files say “It’s out there”!

This I posted as a comment to Dale Ganfield’s excellent collaborative post Asbestos Exposure Prevention: Tips and Valuable Information

This is a good concise article with clear understandable advise.

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