LCN “Born to Close”

Door Closer

Got to this site;      (do the cut and paste thing to your browser address bar).

I was having a conversation with another inspector yesterday.  We were discussing door requirements between garages and houses. I decided I would send him a link showing an excellent product that I had experience with.

En route to the page with the url that I wanted to copy I came across this video. It’s an ad, about 10 minutes, but I loved the humour.

It should start automatically. The small 2′ by 3′ screen is a at the bottom right of the page. Its right below the image above.

Hit the enlarge button and sit back. Be prepared to smile.

N.B. There are 5 videos,  in case it doesn’t start, click on “4040 XP”.

Safety: The issue for fire code safety is that any door between an automobile garage and the occupied part of a residential home must maintain a gas and fire code seal. Gasoline fumes from spills and leaks has always been a concern but the popularity of remote vehicle ignition systems has now added an increased risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.


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