Valentine? Passionately pink panels?……………………..What is it?

What’s it for?  (Valentine passion pink panels) and What is it?

passion pink Valentine panels

 This home had two of these, one on each slope of the roof.

There are two obvious problems. One is that the gutter empties onto the roofing shingles and the other is that it is built on top of the shingles. Another issue may be that the soffit venting is blocked by this set up.

But other than that, why is this here, What is it?


It’s made of sheet metal, painted (Valentine Pink) to match the original woodwork colour and while not being perfectly flat it is cut and fitted tightly around the edges.  It’s that tight fit that provides the first clue.

 The second is where it is. It’s on a roof, a surface not far from a wide sheltering overhang from the upper roof. The tight fit is meant to keep something out, to deny access, in fact to deny access to this sheltering set of roof overhangs.

It’s not that tightly sealed that insects would be kept out but given the overhanging trees here, the candidates are likely to be squirrels, birds or raccoons.

feces corrosion

The corrosive damage here tells the story. This is another home in the same neighbourhood.  And this is pigeon damage or more correctly corrosion from pigeon feces. Ugh!

So the passionately pink valentine coloured panels are pigeon barriers. (Try saying that three times as fast as you can.)


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