Up Up And Away! …Scuttle Hatches…………….A Best Practice Technique

Attic hatch

Here the ‘best practice’ that I’ve come across in the last few years is placing the hatch in the door swing space of  a bedroom. 

This does several good things;

1 It gets it out of tight closets that are difficult to position ladders in.

2. It does not require the emptying of shelves to gain access to the hatch.

3. Opening the hatch does not cause loose insulation or other attic debris to rain down on the clothes in the closet.

4. Positioning in the swing area of the doorway ensures that there will never be any furniture in the way.

5. It can be sized adequately, usually 24″ by 30 “, as it is not limited to closet dimensions.

It is more visible but;

·      Newer designs are done without the big trim moldings drawing your eye to it,

·      And the best ones have magnetic strip weatherstripping edges that lock into place just like a fridge door

·      And all you can see is a trim minimal square outline on the ceiling.

·      Above the door is out of sight for anyone looking into the room.

·      If a hatch has popped you are going to see it, but in a closet it may not be noticed for years.



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