The Whistling Tap: What Will You See (Hear) Any Given Day.

The Whistling Tap

Oh yeah, this is a first for me. I’ve never run across this before. Just listen to this;

I’ve never heard anything like it until today. Adjusting the shut off valve made no difference, and it only happened on the cold water side.

The video is not actually made on my phone, it’s from todays inspection (camera) but it’s my first YouTube posting. So that makes it another first.

In this business you can never predict what you’ll see on any given day. This house had lot of amateur work. Most of it was cabinets and flooring but this weekend warrior dabbled in electrical and plumbing too.

Here’s the view under the sink. Under sink

How many errors can you spot and what appears to be missing? (Hint; a dishwasher is installed to the right of this cabinet.)

N.B The ‘whistle’ has to be a variation on what we call ‘water hammer’ or ‘pipe knocking’. It’s likely hammering at just the right frequency to set up the harmonics to ‘whistle’.


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