WATER In the Frame and on Display. (A hidden defect in prior form?) POP QUIZ

water shut off valve

WATER In the Frame and on Display.

Most people put up framed photos or art work of some kind, under glass to protect it. Photos are usually people, places or events  that are memorable to the residents.

Art is put up for decor, colour or effect.

This sort of framed wall decor is rarer. In fact it’s the only one I’ve seen to date.

This ‘picture‘ is memorable to the owners here because they had a plumbing accident and needed to shut off the water.

But they couldn’t find the valve!. Somebody had enclosed it in the wall!

Now its been located, framed and on display ‘under glass’. So it’s art to those who live there.

As it was, it was hidden and because this hardware has a necessary function and was hidden, it was a kind of ‘hidden defect‘.

Most hidden defects are more complex and do not involve obstructed hardware controls, but the consequences of not being able to shut off the water in an emergency can be quite extensive.



What two other details are revealed in the ‘frame’ that will be noted by inspectors in this case? (not the size and type of plumbing)

(1) One is present to observe.   The presence of the bare wire indicates the location and existence of the electrical_________ ground_____ clamp______ to the plumbing, before the valve.

(2) The other is conspicuously absent. The lack of v_____ b______ is notable because the ‘covered frame’ a_____ h____is not a__ t____.


I’ll revisit this in 24 hours to give you a chance to fill in the blanks with your comments.






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