A Pretty Face Or A Dark Heart, A Buyers Tale

Here is a beautifully written blog about the value in having a home inspection. The experience described is a process I often see buyers go through. This is written by a colleague in Connecticut, James Quarello.

New loveBeauty is said to be only skin deep. A pretty face can conceal a dark heart. And so it can be with houses. Buyers are wooed by the charms of granite counter tops and gleaming hardwood floors. The luxurious tile shower with multiple spray heads and the verdant greenery of the yard. They sign the sales contractor, doe eyed and smitten by their new love.

They then reluctantly call a home inspector, their real estate agent said they should, but they are doubtful their sweetheart is in need of an examination. Such beauty and charm can surely have no flaws. Grudgingly the call is made, the appointment is set.

Ain't she sweet?The day of the inspection comes, the buyers arrive with unconstrained excitement anticipating spending time with their new darling. They meet and greet the inspector. Someone says to the inspector “the house looks great, but you’ll tell us if there is really anything wrong”. The tone of their voice says they don’t actually believe there is a flaw anywhere to be found.

The exterior is examined, it all looks good. Just a few minor issues, you can almost hear the sighs of relief floating on the cool spring breeze. The giddiness of new infatuation is crank up a further notch on the good news.

Old and uglyNow everyone enters the charmer, it is stunning, clean and almost without flaw. The inspector seems detached and unimpressed. The buyers wonder, can he not see the allure.

The inspector enters the attic, the news is not all good. Something to do with the insulation or did he say a lack of. No matter, it’s something they can fix. A mote of doubt slips into their minds.

The bedrooms are examined more bad news, there is a problem with the plugs. The inspector said something about the wiring. The buyers think, that sounds more serious.

Does all the luster now have a vague tarnish?

Next down into the basement, where the inner workings of the abode reside. It’s not all pretty, but there are some finished rooms. Oh my, a problem with the bedroom down here, where will we put Aunt Edna when she comes to visit? The plumbing has problems too! And there’s a sump pump we never saw.

Go to the lightThe make up has run like cheap paint in the rain, revealing an aged beauty. Still there is charm, but the buyers see the home in a more realistic light. They still love the home, their infatuation now tempered by reality.

They are hopeful they can work out the fixes with the seller. Boy, are they ever glad they chose to hire an inspector. Just like going on a few dates, an inspection can reveal all that glitters is not gold.

James Quarello
Connecticut Home Inspector
2010 – 2011 SNEC-ASHI President
NRSB #8SS0022
JRV Home Inspection Services, LLC

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