I’m publishing a BOLO…. yes .a.’Be On the LookOut”,,, for a ‘bad news’ inspection!


A BOLO…. yes …’Be On the LookOut”,,, for a ‘bad news’ inspection!

Monday, my neighbour flagged me down as I was heading out for the day.

I stopped and rolled down my window and we exchanged New Years pleasantries. (We hadn’t seen each other since before.)

He’d stopped me to ask for a couple of business cards as he had someone he wanted to refer to me for a home inspection.

So I handed him a few and said have some of the new ones that have my mug shot (my photo) on them.  I said I do that to help market myself similar to real estate agents and as a security to agents and clients.

He said ‘funny you should mention that’, and proceeded to tell me the story of his brother’s experience.

His brother had been living in a rural part of the province and was putting his house up for sale.  An offer came in and an inspection was scheduled.

On the day of the inspection the agent showed up, followed by the inspector. The prospective buyers were not coming.

After a while the owner (my neighbour’s brother) began to feel uneasy.  He didn’t feel comfortable with the way the inspection was being conducted. He felt the guy wasn’t looking at the building so much as looking around.

He got uncomfortable enough to tell the agent that; it was off; he said he wasn’t feeling well.  He made excuses and asked them to leave.  So they did.

About a week later that agent was found tied up in a house along with the owner of that house.

The man posing as the inspector had pulled out a gun, tied them up and proceeded to rob the place.

He then called in an accomplice and they also stole both the homeowner’s and the agent’s cars.

The police responded to an anonymous tip to find both men tied up and robbed, the house robbed and their cars gone, stolen.

Apparently this was a pattern of three or four robberies in that region.  Sometimes the victims got free after a few hours and got help, and other times anonymous calls were made to the police within 24 hours.

How’s that for a ‘bad news’ inspection!

N.B. I’ve googled this a few different ways to see if I could find any confirmation. No luck.
 This may be because I don’t know precisely when or exactly where it occurred, or it may have only been reported locally in a French language paper.
 But I know my neighbour and he’s sure it happened.

Even if it turns out to be urban myth, it is a cautionary tale.

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