I Was Only Featured Once………………….but write, right?

I was only featured once, relatively early in my ‘blogging career’. It hasn’t happened again so I can’t be accused of chasing the gold star. Though I think blogs that get no comments at all can be lonely looking creatures.

Congradulations on being featured Susan. See the blog: Curious AR’ner Susan Eno . This seems to be a general curiosity and Emily Read’s recommendation to hit the ‘suggest button’ struck a receptive cord.

Now if you as the blog writer made that suggestion or flatly asked people to do it, I doubt that the response would be as strong. It would seem self serving. (And would be points wise).

I’d never heard of a 5 suggest limit. I’ll also admit to not using that mussel very much. (I’m just waiting for all the spelling comments on that one, but my spelling is another story.)

I think that featured Canadian posts verses the American posts is just numbers relatively speaking. Just on population it’s at least 200 to 1, not to ignore that some of that (Canadian) population speaks another language first. (Yes  know thats’ now true with Spanish in the US but it’s not constitutional as it is here.)

I have the impression that ‘suggests’ just highlight the blog to AR staff. They then decide to pick from those highlights if they haven’t already picked up a gem.

I also think they look at writers they like and have featured before. It may not seem fair, but it is natural, and are we really in a competition? (AR staff arn’t in it for points). I also suspect that ‘suggests’ from writers who have already been or are frequently featured are given more consideration.

They are really looking for good writing, good topics, wit, humour and creativity. It’s not always easy to spot. Some people have writing skills. Some do not, or less so. But we can all talk.

So blog on, talk. Talk about what you know or care about.

You’ll find your voice and we’ll be listening.                                                           (DWYP)



There.! I did it again! Essentially start off commenting and end up writing a blogs worth of material. Sometimes you don’t know you have something to say until you start talking.

Thats how I found my voice.

You can just cut and paste it to a new blog, preface it by saying” So and so was talking/blogging about this today, so I had this to say about that”. It never hurts to credit your inspiration, even when you disagree with them completely. 

 If you let it become a rant, a list of questions or any result that’s of no value to your clients then post it to members only.  Keep perspective and cultivate humour.  Remember you clients are watching, or will be.


Since I started I’ve learned from others how to add photos and videos as well as links to member profiles and blogs. I read and subscribe to people who write stuff I find interesting or is well written.

That makes it easy to find 10 blogs to comment on, most days.  But don’t forget to watch the featured posts. It’s an easy way to find good ones, though we all suspect (and some likely know) there are good ones passing under the radar.

For that reason when I have time I go to the blog page and troll for good blogs, randomly reading and sampling. Yes most are just listing in places I’ve never been, but just wait a minute and hit the refresh button.

There’s usually half a dozen new ones, but some days the whole page changes completely! If I can make a meaningfull comment on someones blog that has no comments, then I do it. It might be the only comment they get that day, or just the first.




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