Your real estate agent can only do so much. Turn that so much into so much more!

I couldn’t have said it better. If you follow this advise, points 1 and 2 you’ll be ahead of the game and not have last inning up sets.

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Your real estate agent can only do so much.
Turn that so much into so much more!

The perfect home simply doesn’t exist. Why? Because they are built by people, and people make mistakes! That’s why Buyers need a professional home inspection.

  • In a brand new home, the contractor often is not aware of everything his subcontractors do, and government building and code inspectors do not have the time or the budget to inspect everything in every home, so they usually just do a spot-check of newly constructed homes, sometimes just a spot check of new homes in a subdivision, often skipping complete homes.
  • A home that has been lived in usually has damage that occurred from simply living in it, or additions or remodeling that weren’t permitted.

Doing as much as possible before the Buyer’s home inspector shows up — tightening all the loose drawer and cabinet hardware — helps ensure that escrow goes more smoothly because they’ll be fewer things in the report. By ignoring them because they are small things, it’s possible that they will show up in the home inspection report, and collectively they could cause a prospective Buyer to say, “No, thanks. Too many problems.”

Once you’ve got all those little things taken care of, there are a few other things you can do to help your real estate agent get your home sold quickly and for the highest price:

  1. Have a pre-listing inspection done by the best home inspector you can find. This does a couple of things for you:

(a) You can fix whatever the inspector finds that you didn’t know about.
(b) You can disclose what the inspector finds without fixing it.

This also allows your real estate agent to price the property better to take into account either the fewer problems that the buyer’s home inspector will find or the cost to fix already-known problems.

Fewer items in the buyer’s home inspection report means fewer items on the request to repair list and fewer things to negotiate, making the whole escrow process go much more smoothly.

  • Have your home professionally staged. I know that we all think we’re the best home decorators in the world, but there is a big difference between decorating your home to live in and enjoy, and having it professionally staged to help prospective buyers see how beautiful it is.


There are still some real estate agents who will advise you not to do either of those because they cost money and they’ll hope that the buyer’s inspector misses something. All that does is set up everyone for involvement in a lawsuit later. Help your real estate agent help you by taking responsibility for selling your home. Then you’re real estate agent can concentrate on what s/he does best, and that is getting your hold sold!

Your real estate agent can only do so much, but you can turn that so much into so much more!


 Russel Ray


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