“The more you listen, the more you will be heard.”

“The more you listen, the more you will be heard.”

I just decided to put into practice the golden rule, which is to say take note of those who regularly comment on my blogs and go see their writing and interests and subscribe to their blogs.

I’d been thinking that I would like to have more subscribers, and then thinking those who routinely comment on my blogs would make good subscribers.

I thought about that and decided I should practice before preaching and have started to apply the golden rule to my own actions.

But not every blog by ‘occasionally good’ or ‘occasionally of interest (to me)’ writers is something that I can comment on.  Some subjects are new to me or outside my skills and interests. But I still read.

Having a long column down the right side of the screen is a small price to pay to keep track of or follow things. Nobody but you sees it and AR keeps sorting it so the newest is at the top.

So the core of the bloggers that you like and are active is always going to be near the top of the page. That’s a good thing, especially on a slow blog day when making at least 10 comments seems like a hill to climb.

Since I decided to subscribe to other blogs, I’m skiing down that hill, commenting left and right, on lots of interesting stories and ideas with very little thought to commenting 10 times and stopping.

Somebody once said, “The more you listen, the more you will be heard.”

Here we could say ‘The more you read (and comment) the more you’ll be read.’




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