“EXTREME ARCITECTURE” – An “Off The Shelf” Review

“EXTREME ARCITECTURE” – An “Off The Shelf”  Review

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Building for Challenging Environments

by Ruth Slavid
ISBN-13: 978- 1-85669-609-8

Challenging environments:
The problems, and the thinking with design and technology applied to solutions, creatively and with imagination.
Hot and cold, both arid and humid.
High altitude, latitude and attitude, on land, on water, on ice.
In the ground, under water, in the clouds,
Arctic, antarctic, in space,on the moon and Mars.

To many this is a coffee table book and the photography is of that quality.
But it is much more.
This shows some of the leading edge of design, technology and engineering.
Articles range through built and tested environmental prototypes,
from special project construction and design, to future planning and pioneering concepts.

Some subject titles:
Concordia Station (Antarctica)
Spaceport America
Galactic Suite
Moon Base Two
Lunar Hotel
Mars Cruiser One


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