The FLIP side of the RENO is RESTORE. A FLIP is a CON even when it stands on edge.


 The FLIP side of the RENO is RESTORE.  A FLIP is a CON even when it stands on edge.

As far as I’m concerned flipping is a four letter word. It’s a cheat and cover up. Just cleaned and freshened up to show better and sell at an up tick. Buy low, clean up, and sell high.

The real clean up is the ‘sell high’ bit.


But even renovators (real ones) can miss things. I once inspected a fabulous place. It was a total remodel and rebuild with upgrades all along the way.

Beautiful, but I found a big fire code safety error that would have been a major risk for any resident. And to correct it meant that contractors would be bringing heavy tools and materials in over the flawless new hardwood floors.

So my client bought it conditionally that the correction had to be made and all finishes restored to here satisfaction prior to her move in. And that’s what they did. They were extra careful and protected the floors and surfaces, because they were motivated.

My client?

She’s a happy camper, and that’s no shack!



So when you need a full inspection………………..



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