You found eves trough guttering inside! Where? An OMG File.

You found eves trough guttering inside!  Where?                                                        An OMG File.

rain gutter

Oh yeah. There it is. And where is it?     NO.  Not in the attic.!

Yup. That’s where I found it. The grey stuff you see is cellulose insulation.  The insulation you see in the gutter is stained and densely compacted.

And you know what that means, right?  Yup again, it means water!

Oh boy. This is news no one is going to want to hear. This is a million dollar mansion on a country estate, in horse country at that.  And this is not some MacMansion slapped up in a hurry, no this is well built and not very old.

I went to find the owner and told him what I’d found, showed him the photos. He was surprised. He’d never seen it and he had closely supervised the construction.

So I started asking him for details;


  • Was the insulation placed before the roofing? No. The roof shingling was done before the insolation was blown in.
  • Was the masonry done before the roofing?  Yes, all except the chimney.


There; we had the answer. The inside gutters were next to the chimney.

The chimney was not done before the roof and insulation were.  Masons…you have to take them when you ca get ’em.

So the chimney opening had a temporary cover and plastic sheeting and gutters were tacked up to keep the drippings off the insulation and out of the house until the masons finished.

So, of course, no one went back to remove the gutters when the work was done.


So when you need a full inspection……………………


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