Well Well Well………………………….3 holes in the backyard #1

Well Well Well………………………….3 holes in the backyard #1

Well, some days you may not feel like writing a blog. I don’t know . You’re tired.  You don’t have any ideas. That’s the way I am today.

You know?.. Gee ..how could you tell?

Yeah, OK no photos for one thing. Yup . That’s a dead give away.

I’ve either got your attention or put you to sleep. There is a point to this, I’m not actually rambling though I’m sure I could be convincing to some.

Writing a blog is about writing. Yes it’s great if you have something you want to get off your chest but you can start by just talking about what’s on you mind (or not on your mind).

I now creat blogs from problems and details I see during inspections. I can create very good ones. I can actually just flood you with those kinds of things.

Some times I can end up writing a blog that started as a comment to another’s blog. You start an answer or a question and discover you had a lot to say. That’s really how I found my ‘voice’ on AR.

The key thing is to write. You can always edit later, and refine, add photos, put in links and other references. Save it as a draft til you’re ready, then post it.

Use the Draft feature; any time you have an idea, start a blog or a blog outline or just the germ of an idea, then save it in ‘draft’ format. Come back later, expand or the ideas, edit, add and modify till you have your blog.

Sometimes you’ll realize that you have a lot for one blog and you can split it in two to create distinct blogs. If the subjects are closely related you could do a numbered series, etc.

The main thing is to write it down and save the draft.

When you are at a low ebb, with no inspiration or ideas, it’s much easier to build in the writing that you’ve already started than to scratch up something new.

So write, use the draft to save ideas, save comments you can expand on, etc.


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