Well Well Well…………………………. 3 holes in the backyard, #2

Well Well Well…………………………. 3 holes in the backyard, #2

Well, some days you can’t find any blogs to comment on. No blogs to comment on. That’s daunting.

Sure there are lots of blogs out there but a huge number of them are listings and of course that’s to be expected.

But many are writing on subjects you don’t know enough about to comment on. It’s not your area of expertise or things are different in your area.

And you don’t feel like posting “oh wow, what a great post, too bad I’ve no clue what your talking about, but I have to write 10 words or none.”

Nothing wrong with collecting points. The incentives on AR help it to function. The comments for points populate the blogs with comments.

Without it many would just read and move on. The writer gets no feedback, so even bland comments are positive. What’s lonelier than a blog with no comments?  No blog? Maybe.

So how:

Subscribe: When you find a blog or writer you like or who writes articles that are interesting to you, subscribe. And keep doing that and you’ll build a list that appears on the right side of the screen when you click on the ‘blog’ button of the AR navigation bar (blue – top of screen).

When you follow writers you like you’ll find it easy to comment on their blogs. Use the subscribe list to see today’s postings from them. As you build the subscription list it becomes easier to find at least 10 blogs to comment on.

You’ll soon find this will be one of the first things you do every day.

Use my subscriptions: Don’t forget to use the My Subscriptions button at the top of the left hand column on the screen. This will show the most recent blogs from your subscription list with the title line and the first few sentences showing.

It’s not different from the list on the right except you get to see if they have posted more than one blog. Many do, so if you only clicked on the right hand list you only see the most recent blog.

Some days this does not always work. Nobody has posted much yet or the subjects are not about things you can comment on. So…

Use My Comments: On your My Home screen there is a My Comments button on the lower left column. Click on that and the screen lists your comments, click on a comment and you are taken to that blog and your previous comment.

You can then read others comments as well as any reply made to your comment. Some times that deserves comment in return as either new avenues of discussion are opened up or you see that your original comment was miss-read or miss-interpreted.

This can lead to informative dialogue and discussion and this builds relationships in AR.  Always be polite, even when you disagree and remember, even when you are sure of your ‘facts’, other people are working in different environments, legally and economically.

Now if you still can’t find blogs you can comment on, read what’s out there till you do.

Start digging. Where?

Featured: Go read the featured blogs. Yes they are the most read, but usually for a reason. Resist commenting on other comments (unless the blog’s already been hijacked).

Groups and Channels: These are gold mines. You can find subjects you know or find interesting and go back in time through old blogs to find information or ‘how to’s on a smorgasbord of subjects. Anything that somebody has though of is there, and if it is not, you can create your own interest group.

You will also learn to post your blog to local pages, Active Rain Channels, My Groups and to Categories. This will make your blog findable. Otherwise it can be a drop in the bucket.

Membership is over 200,000. If everyone bloged 5 times a week, thats a million a week!

You can comment on 70 of those, you just have to find them or have them presented to you by subscription, featured, groups, channels and categories.


IF after all that, you’re still looking it’s time to go Trolling.

Trolling: This is simply sitting on the blog page and scanning blogs. You just look though the recently posted blogs. If you get to the end of the page you can do one of two things.

You can click on NEXT (bottom right corner) to see the 20 or so posts put up earlier. You can keep doing this all day going back in the time order that blogs were posted.

The other thing you can do at any time is instead of using the return button, click the browsers refresh button.

Then you’ll see the latest posts because by the time you’ve read a few, there will be 5 or 6 new ones up. Sometimes the whole page changes.


If you are getting the idea the this environment has been set up so it will work and allow you to progress, you’d be right.


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