Are you a Famous Groupie? (or, “Finding things to blog about”)

This is a further development of one of the features in the blog I posted yesterday. Russel Ray has put this together with good graphics that clearly show how to use the feature and where the links and buttons can be found. This is a re- blog so when you make comments please link through to his original blog and make them there.

Are you a Groupie? Call Russel Ray for all your marketing, business, and photography needs.

Are you a Famous Groupie?
(or, “Finding things to blog about”)

I’ve been reading quite a few blog posts from people participating in the 31 Days of May blogging challenge. Lately, however, they seem to have a common theme: “I’ve already blogged about everything I know!”

If you didn’t catch my first effort to help you, you can read it here: A winner never quits, and a quitter never wins (or, “Finding things to blog about”).

Another great way to find things to blog about is to become a Groupie.

As with all communities in life, ActiveRain has its cliques, too. Here, though, we call them Groups.

If you’ve made a connection with someone and really like their blog posts, check out which groups they are posting to. You can find them listed at the bottom of any individual blog post after you click to leave a comment:

Are you a Groupie?

Click on the link for each group and you will be taken to that group, scroll down, and at the left side you’ll be able to Join Group. Click to join!

Are you a Groupie?

The other great way to find a group to join is to look through the list of groups that your favorite bloggers have joined. To do this, click on the link to go to their profile. Once there, look at the left side and you’ll see a link to Groups:

Are you a Groupie?

Click on the link and Groups will expand to show you all the groups that the person is a member of:

Are you a Groupie?

Click on the link to any of the groups and you’ll magically be taken there. Join the group like you previously did above.

Zoey the Cool CatNow, whenever you’re lacking for a topic, simply look at the list of all your groups and write a post for one of those groups.

I’m a member of 50 or 60 groups, so I’m always able to find a topic to write about.

There is one final way to join a group and that is simply to search through the Groups. First, click on the word Groups at the upper right in the blue bar:

Are you a Groupie?

That link will take you to all of the ActiveRain groups, of which there currently are 7,455.

Are you a Groupie?

You can do a search or simply browse through them.

You, too, can become a Famous Groupie!





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