Well Well Well…………………………. 3 holes in the backyard, #3

Well Well Well…………………………. 3 holes in the backyard, #3

Well, what else can you do to max your AR experience.   It may seem that some are just ‘playin’ in the rain’ to collect points.   And some may be, but we are all working in this industry.   So we’re doing this for SEO reasons, for advertising and to establish that we are capable and competent at what we do.

In learning how to use all the features in AR I’ve realized that the point system had been structured to ‘incentive-ize’ what we should be doing any way.   How many have bloged our side of AR  or on their own website.   Do you get any comment there?    If your experience is like mine, it won’t be much.

So AR is a much more proactive environment and the way the points system works is designed to make it that way.

In version # 1 of this series I discussed blog writing and in version #2 it was blog commenting.    This time round I’ll be discussing some more features that I know to use here on AR.

Don’t expect this to be exhaustive as I’m still learning and I suspect there will always be able to find new things to lear about on AR.

For example today I realized that I could post blogs as public that I was previously posting as ‘members only‘. This is because I did not want those blogs, which involve strictly AR functions, to appear on my outside blog (the blog visible to my customer pool).

So I had been posting these as members only, but another member Russel Ray wanted to re-blog my posts and could not because they were members only. I reviewed this and realized that I could post it as Public but just not post it to my outside blog.

And that worked just fine. Often our own presumptions are our biggest road blocks. I had assumed that the way I did it was the way I had to. I was wrong about that. So a members question prompted me to review my reasoning and I benefited both in points and in the realization this would open up the re-blogging option more.

RE-Blogging:   This is a feature that lets you repost another persons blog, sort of like your own personal ‘featuring’ tool.

When you read a blog that is a well done version of what you’d like to say yourself then this feature allows you to post it on your blog and write a little intro to it. (Provided the writer has left the box checked. They have the option of removing that check so it can not be reblogged.)

AR rewards both the reblogger and the original blog writer with 25 points each. Right now I don’t know the limit for reblogs per day (I assume perday), but I would expect it might be 10.

In general you want the reblog to be seen on your public site as it ideally should be of interest to your client pool. That’s the default setting when you reblog.

When the subject is more of an internal article for other members edification then you can choose not to link it to your outside blog. Customers looking for real estate inspection articles would be confused by discussions such as this meant for AR members.

It may not be universal but many AR bloggers who use this feature have the habit of turning off the comments on the reblogged articles on their blog page and writing a note in the introduction inviting them to go to the original writers blog and make their comments there. That’s just good manners.

SO Blog Writing, Blog Commenting and ReBlogging; three great tools for building your brand here in Active Rain and on line. All have a value associated with an incentive points system which is effective in creating a positive supportive community environment in Active Rain.





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