I Know Better, But Poof!…There It Was….Gone !!

I Know Better, But Poof!…There It Was….Gone !!

I’d spent over half an hour fleshing out this blog I’d started. There was some kind of twitch on the screen. Poof, it was gone!

I mean GONE. No back arrow, no undo, no restore button.

I reached for them. Of course they weren’t there. Why?

I wasn’t working in ‘Word’ or some other text processing program.

What was I doing?  I was composing right here on the screen in AR.

How many blogs have I read where we’ve been advised to write in a text processor and copy it to AR when we are ready, for just this very reason.

Well here’s another one!

Do you think I’ll ever get it back? NO

Will I be able to put all those phrases together that I though were so well done? Who knows , maybe If I really work at it.

Will I write better, second time around? maybe, who knows.

Would I rather not have to?  Yes,pleasegodamen.

Will that happen? NOPE

So take a lesson from this not so wise but experienced one, moi.


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