Well Well Well………………….3 holes in the backyard, #4 (surprise!) & PUZZLE

Well, Well,Well…………………..three holes in the backyard #4 (surprise!)

Well, I wasn’t planning a 4th in the series but I had stuff left over. And I have a little puzzle (at the end).

The earlier blogs in this series discussed blog writing (#1), blog commenting (# 2), and reblogging (#3).

Well, now I want to draw your attention to another little gem in the AR arsenal and that is Invite Others.

Invite Others can be found 6 up from the bottom on the left side navigation column of your My Home page. Go there by clicking on Invite Others and you are presented with a form and an explanation of what to do.

Here you type in the invitee’s name and email address and write a short email inviting them to join AR. The people you invite should be those you know and are open to this forum and the possibilities provided by the AR network.

This is for 2 reasons, one being that we want to build a strong active network in AR and the other is the incentive that as your invitee builds points you are awarded bonus points to the value of 10 % of their earnings.

Some people do a lot of point collection this way. In some areas Active Rain is well known.

Here in Quebec it’s almost a secret because large numbers of people in this industry work only, or primarily in French and to the rest it has a clearly non-local flavour. Real Estate is a always a local knowledge business.

I’m relatively new to active participation in the ‘rain’ and I’ve only made 4 distinct invitations but this is something I plan to do more of, nor really for the points, but to build up a Quebec and local Montreal presence in AR.

This has the potential to stimulate business amongst us and raise the profile on line. But of my 4 invites ,2 have not responded and 2 have joined. One of the 2 joiners simply signed up and did nothing else so zero points have accrued.

The other has accrued points and this is an agent that I know well and work with. I’ll be able to mentor and guide her to an active participation in AR. This is why the recommendation is to invite people you know.

I missed mentioning it before but there is a list (on the right of this page) that shows you who (what type of business) can be invited into AR.

Invite Others has the potential to generate a lot of points but more importantly if you invite people who get involved and participate then that grows the AR network into a strong and bright future. Yeah!



SO Blog WritingBlog Commenting, ReBlogging, and now Invite Others; Thats’ 4 great tools for building your brand here in Active Rain and on line.   All have a value associated with an incentive points system which is effective in creating a positive supportive community environment in Active Rain.

Now for the puzzle, This is where the title of these blogs comes from. The puzzle challenge is to figure out the name of the ‘little mill town’.  All the clues you need are in the text. Of course using goggle is allowed.


The Puzzel:


Long ago and far away on the western shore of an eastern island province there was a little mill town. That little mill town had a local business called DB Ltd. And DB Ltd ran an ad on the local radio station that played ‘forever’. (Maybe it only seemed like it.)

It went like this “Well, Well, Well..no I’m not talking about the three holes in the back yard“, “No” it went on, “I’m talking about whatever special deal DB Ltd had that week.” And then it finished up with ” And you can thank DB Ltd for another Well made commercial”.

N.B.: DB Ltd. is a contraction of the real name to protect the sensibilities of who ever might be bothered by it. It has no bearing on solving the puzzle.



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