“When Changing A Light Bulb JustIsn’t Enough” An “Off The Shelf” Review

“When Changing A Light Bulb Just Isn’t Enough”                      An “Off The Shelf” Review


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The Bulb – There is more to home maintenance than changing light bulbs.

So the secondary title for this book is “150 WAYS TO SLASH YOUR HOUSEHOLD BILLS & SAVE ENERGY, TOO”

This is for those who are able bodied and wish to do more things themselves to improve the living conditions around their home and take measures to save money and energy. Many of these little things make small or insignificant immediate changes that add up to savings over time.


This BOOK – Produced by ‘Popular Mechanics” this is a small format reference book for home owners to prepare for and be able to improve and do practical upgrades to systems and details around the home.

It is organized into 6 chapters, and after the ‘green’ intro, starts with heating, water and power resource conservation, ranges through interior, exterior and home improvements. There is a chapter on car care and it finishes with computers and phone home electronics.

Lots of practical advice in the format of quick fix tips, what tool to use and how.

Most importantly, there are “Safe And Sound” and “”Tips of The Trade” box format articles inserted at the appropriate places to aid you in safe and practical completion of your projects.

The format is user friendly with the look and feel of the ‘Popular Mechanics’ magazine.

Distinct areas of the house are looked at and upgrades or maintenance discussed with a general tone of green savings. Usually there are weekend projects described. They usually include instructions, costs and materials lists if relevant.

As well as the previously mentioned boxed articles there are occasional “Know Your Stuff” articles on specific technical or information points.

This is then usually followed by an illustration depicting recommended future upgrades ( called ‘Future Investment”) before the next article is introduced.

So if you are the kind of person who likes to or needs to improve it yourself then you’ll appreciate this little book. Even if you never actually do the work yourself it provides you with the information and background knowledge to deal with the professionals.


Sterling ISBN 978-1-58816-748-4, Hearst Books (div of Sterling Publishing) http://www.sterlingpublishing.com





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