Summertime Checklist!

This is a re posted article from an inspector in another part of North America, but the message and good advice is pertinent to us all.

Just like spring time is the time for spring cleaning, Summertime is a great time to take care of all those odds and ends in your home. Especially the exterior ones before the rain comes again.

I recently went on a Home inspection in Temecula where I pointed out that that there were some cracked tiles and what appeared to be, at best, sub parr flashing on the roof.  The owner, who is a plumber, recently called me to see if I knew of any plumbing companies that were hiring in the area. During our conversation I asked how the house was and if he was able to have a roofer take care of those problems. His  answer to me was, “Im not gonna worry about that right now.”

I didn’t expect that from a plumber, who has seen the damage water can do to a house. I suggested he reconsider. I told him about a job my contracting company is doing, where a homeowner put off fixing her roof last summer. Here is what she now has in her bathroom after the rains.


This could have been a relatively inexpensive fix by a roofer but instead she will now be spending much more money and time having her walls opened up and bathroom torn a part to do a proper dry out and potentially some mold remediation, then her build back along with fixing the original roof problem.

I know summer time is a time to relax and vacation, to get away from work but if you have some problem areas around your house that could lead to more damages, especially on the exterior where water can get through, fix them now before the rain comes again. Don’t end up like this client who ended up “spending good money after bad!”

If your not sure what condition  your home is in, call a qualified Home inspector to check it out for you. We’d be happy to. A little bit of knowledge can save you a ton of money.  If we can help in anyway,from a home inspection to answering a question, please give us a call.

And make sure to take care of that summertime checklist!




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