A Milestone and a New Benchmark For Me…………..Thanks To Active Rain.

A Milestone and a New Benchmark For Me…………..Thanks To Active Rain.

milestoneToday I reached a new milestone in my Active Rain participation.

I’ve crossed the 75,000 points mark !

That’s a big deal for me. Even though I’d been a member since 2008, I had not been active until this past 6 months.

I had 3 blogs prior to this past December. Now I have over 100 that I’ve written myself. (Others are AR re-blogs).

I’ve learned to blog with the help of many friends and great examples here on AR. Thank you Active Rain.

When I started I could not conceive of the seemingly astronomical point levels some members have earned. But my web presence needed a boost.

I’d been on line for years but never got any direct business from it. Now it’s happening and when I want callers to see how knowledgeable and passionate I am about the subject I refer them to my Active Rain blog:







Robert Butler Home Inspection Blog

I’m number 1 on the leader board (i.e.featured) in my city, Pointe-Claire, number 5 in the Montreal area and province of Quebec.   I’ve had a few featured posts.

But I have more to do. I have to really up my invitation rate. Active Rain is still an undiscovered country here in Quebec. This is in large part due to the fact that the majority work in the French language.

The other part is the perception that AR is not local ( and real estate is nothing if not local) and the bloging would not be about the local market. But of course we know that’s the wrong way to think.

That’s the genius of the AR environment because locals looking for listings and services in their area will find you. Your fresh content will make you visible to the search engines.

So even though you become part of a growing community of professionals that is over 200,000 you have a very local presence and visibility to your client pool.

So I will be emphasizing and educating local agents and other potential Ar members, of the benefits that they can have access too.

So thank you AR. A milestone passed and a new benchmark for my AR experience.



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