He Got Away. I Didn’t Catch Him …But I Know Where He Lives !

He Got Away. I Didn’t Catch Him …But I Know Where He Lives !


Who do you think has moved in here, Some furry, nut-gathering denizen of the surrounding boreal forest?  No doubt you can picture some cute little anthropomorphized creature that could be friends of Thumper and company.

You may, even realistically, see an enterprising squirrel moving to that sweet (suite) little condo, but no, that’s not the miscreant here.

No this architectural folly detail is being squatted by a much bigger brute. This guy saw me coming and lit out for the hills. He knows I don’t care for him and his kind for all the damage they do to our homes and property.

He’s not going to like the new owners’ big golden Labrador either. He’s going to get a run for it, literally.

 He’s a raccoon.  And he’s a big guy.  You wouldn’t think he could squeeze through that small hole but he can. Of course he’s renovating to suit his needs. You can see where he’s started on the door and he has plans for extensive interior renovations as well. Cause he’ll raise a family.

Some kindly observer will say, “Oh live and let live, he’s not hurting anything.”

But is that true?

Well look closer.  Do you see the square wire mesh covering the other opening?

 That’s not there by chance and not put up there to be a meany and deny the birds a habitat that was built for them.  That’s because it wasn’t built for them.  Nope.

This architectural detail was made for another function. This building is a large post and beam structure with cathedral ceilings so there is no attic to speak of.  Just a small air space at the peak above the collar ties that has to be vented.

 So this little folly at the peak has a purpose. The architect made it decorative in keeping with the rustic style of the house. But it was not built to be a home for birds. It just looks like one.

 So if it’s not for the birds it’s definitely not for raccoons. Especially DIY guys like this one who will break into the collar ties space and be renting out rafter bays to all and sundry.

So unless you want racoons in your ceiling, “No Racoons Allowed.





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