Electrical Boxes Without Covers are a Routine Find for the Atlanta Home Inspector

Even though this article is written by an Atlanta area inspector this a very important and serious problem. These conditions are found everwhere including here in the Montreal area.

These are easily fixable situations, that once done, will eliminate significant fire risk. If you are wondering about the value of a home inspection, this is something to remember.

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Electrical junction boxes are required to have a cover. These junction boxes house joining electrical conductors.  While inspecting homes, we often find the covers missing from the boxes.  This is a big safety issue. The electrical box is designed to contain the heat and sparks long enough for a fuse to blow or a breaker to trip. If the wires become loose or overloaded, they produce heat and throw off sparks. In this picture, you can see the insulation is very close to the open splices. If sparks were to drop onto the insulation, it could ignite.  Not sure why this is often oversighted or neglected when installing the wiring, but nevertheless, it is a safety issue and must be reported.

open junction box

In this next picture you will see exposed wires actually nestled in the insulation. Talk about a fire hazard!

It is with these finds that we often wonder just exactly what people are thinking…


exposed wires in insulation



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