Know what you are looking at? Easy, Read the signs, Follow them!

Know what you are looking at?  Easy, Read the signs, Follow them!


DO you know?

Well there’s a couple of my foot prints there in the attic floor insulation.

But there’s more. A lot more. All over the place.

They aren’t individual tracks like mine. No, they are pathways for much smaller feet.

And here they are roads well traveled. They are more compressed and well defined. These two around the stud in particular.

That’s because this is the only direct route to the other side of this wall, to the addition section of the home.

But fainter, less traveled paths are visible too.

In fact they are everywhere.

b And here, on the other ‘side’ of the wall, they are just as abundant.

The route around the chimney is well traveled too, as I’m sure this area is toasty warm, in season.

Oh! Didn’t I mention that!

This is the off season for these itinerant travellers.

Travellers, well I should say foragers.

They come here only to seek food and shelter in the cold season.

Now in the summertime they are out doors, feeding and doing there thing, mostly at night as they are nocturnal.

But they can be found by day if you keep an eye out for them.

But if you really want to see them, lots of them, well just come back here in the fall.

It’ll be like a convention!

What are they? You might have guessed by now. They have several names that generally depend upon where you meet them.

They are most commonly known as field mice, but if you encountered them in the space over your head you would be talking about ‘mice in the attic‘.

Here it’s a lot of mice in the attic. They’ve been coming here for a long time,(they have reservations!). And they know how to get here. They have easy access.


So if you want to be sure that your seasonal guests have invitations, you want your inspector to have the experience to read the signs and know what has been going on, even when it’s not happening now.

So when you are looking at, or investing, in a home or property you want your inspector to be able to correctly ‘read the signs‘.

For the Montreal or the surrounding area you know who to call.


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