I’ve gone and done it. I have a habit, but I’m steppin’ out!

I’ve gone and done it. I have a habit, but I’m steppin’ out!

I’ve read and agree that we should all get out of our zone now and then and stretch. Do things differently for a change. So i did it today.

I have the habit, because its convenient and time efficient, to check in on AR and read and comment on the blogs on my subscription list till I have at least 8 to 10 or more.

Some subjects I hesitate to comment on as I’m sure I don’t know enough to do so intelligently or to contribute to the discussion, so though I’ve read the blog, I don’t or can’t always comment.

So if I don’t get that many comments done in my subscription list I’ll look at the featured blogs. Rarely do I scroll through the blog roll.

I know there are others who have similar habits as I have subscribers who routinely comment on my blog. There is generally the same core group almost every day. We all have our habits.

Thats good also. We get to know each other and learn from each other too.


I got featured this past Saturday. Got over 30 comments. The usual folks were there but lots of different, new people as well.

Now I endeavour to answer all comments that I get on my blogs. Some times I’m too busy to do it the same day, and sometimes it’s right away. This weekend was busy and I could’t get to it till Monday, but all were answered.

So that much was good but I’ve always agreed with the idea that you could and should visit their blogs and see what they are interested in and leave comments where you can.

So today I stepped out. Out of my usual habit anyway. I didn’t open the blog roll at all or check my blog subscriptions or even look at a featured blog.

Nope! I went right to those comments on my featured blog. Anybody that I recognized I skipped right over. I clicked on the profiles of anyone I didn’t subscribe to and anyone new to me.

I read some very interesting and diverse blogs. Some very good ones too. It was refreshing! Of course I left comments. I didn’t get to all of them yet but I will.


I’ll be doing it more often, maybe even make a habit of it. And anytime I get featured I plan to definately, at least read my commenters blogs and comment where I can contribute.

So step out. Stretch. Change your habits.

You have nothing to loose but your ruts.



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