One Toke Over The Line

AR Points counter at 100,011One Toke Over The Line

This has been a goal of mine for a while now. I’ve just squeezed past the 100,000 points mark.

Todays login sees me at 100,011. That’s just over the line.

This summer has seen me close enough to anticipate reaching this goal.

However I’ve been away on several trips and busy in between so I’ve not been doing as much blogging. But I have been keeping up, reading and commenting, even doing it in airport waiting areas while on the go.

Back when I started, I really couldn’t imagine accumulating 1000 points, much less 100,000.

I really only started last November, I’ve been a member for longer but not really participating much. Then I started blogging and learning to blog in the process.

One of those (January) blogs got featured; It”s a new house, I don’t need an inspection, right?

One day out of the blue I got a phone call from a member, Charles Buell from Seattle. He encouraged me to become a rainmaker. Advice that I eventually followed.

I’ve found AR to be a friendly place with useful information on how to do things, write better blogs, insert photos and videos, find and use computer apps, etc.

Thanks to all those commenters who have become colleagues and inspiring examples.



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