Have You Got the Measels? The Internet Measels. I do!!

Have You Got the Measels? I do!

Yes I’m serious, but I’m talking about the internet measels.

It’s all over my blog, my website, my profile and it’s on other rsites I have looked at.

I’m talkingt about a plethora of links, ordinary words that are supposed to be there but they’ve been turned into links that take you away to other pages, other sites.

This is very distracting. Even worse it takes visitors and reader away from your work, sometimes to competitors sites.

Not exactly what you want is it?

You could easily look opon it as a cancer; healthy cells (words that you typed there) now morphed into ugly traps, cancerous to your message, distracting and likely to lead readers (potential customers) away to competitors or vendors for products related to the word used as the link.

These ‘links’ look similar to the normal ones, they are blue coloured text like the normal links, but they are double underlined.

Even as I write this, there is one lurking on this page. (It’s the “Tags:” lable for the next section.)


Has anyone else experienced this?

Do you know what I’m talking about?

Oh yeah, Help!


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