Yes! It Was Biblical ! And on the Fourth!

Yes! It Was Biblical ! And on the Fourth!

Think of this senario next time you’re wondering if that roofing really has to be replaced now.

It really WAS Biblical.

We were having a beer, watching the ducks and the wind surfers on the lake.

The lake was calm. The ducks were swimming,bobing and feeding.

Then the rain started. Then suddenly became really hard and heavy.

The wind came up, blowing waves OUT into the lake.
The ducks were now standing, looking at us as if to say “What did you do?” They were swiming moments before.
Talk about ‘ducks out of water’!

Then they started ducking and running for cover.

It was hailing, hard. Big hail stones between marbles and golf balls in size!

Check the video!

The second shorter video shows a second round. We’ed thought it was over. Just look at the size of those pieces of ice. Remember, that’s after they’ve smashed into the roof or the ground. You can hear the sound of the hail hitting the roof in both the videos too.

Think of these ice bombs the next thim you’re looking at dime sided spot damage on shingles. It also cleaned the moss off some roofs.


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