Skippy will’ve skipped, before the water starts to drip.

Skippity Do Da …Skippity De Day…..

Skippy will’ve skipped, before the water starts to drip.  (This is #1 in a series on a single flipped house.)


Skippy label

Well…we don’t know that ‘Skippy” did it, but Skippy’s tag is on the equipment.

That equipment of this flipped property is on the roof (and a few other places), and that’s where we find ‘It’.

So on the roof we have this installed. The refrigerant lines pierce the roof membrane flashing and counter flashing right at the wall to roof joint. That’s too low and this will leak, admitting water to the house.

 DSCF0019a.jpg   DSCF0020a.jpg

 ‘Skippy’ appears to be a local HVAC contractor or equipment vendor. The number on the lable is for a cell phone (mobile).

The Air Conditioning system itself is fine, but how it’s set up will create problems for the home owner.

Caulking can NOT be used to make a waterproof seal aganst loose gravel stones. It just won’t work. More caulking dosen’t help. Water will just soak through the gravel and follow the piping into the home.

This will be leaking sooner rather than later. These lines should have been located so as to enter higher up the wall, at least above the metal counter flashing, but a practical recommendation would be 12 to 18″ up from the roof surface. Think snow depth.

 And then there is this detail;


 Despite the fact that the wood is pressure treated, it will be long gone before the end of the service life of this equipment.  The supports (scraps of fence boards – you can’t buy thinner) will have to be replaced before then.

 (The current best practice for these installations is to use the plastic pads that are available now for this purpose. The secondary bonus is they are made from recycled materials.)

 And there is Skippy’s tag, (circled) and if this is a sample of how ‘Skippy’ works, then Skippy will have skipped long before the water starts to drip.

This reno is a flip. Granite counter tops won’t matter when the ceiling starts to drip. So, would you take the bet that Skippy will not skip.

This is # 1 of a series on the same flipped house.

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Please remember to have an inspection during the real estate process to help eliminate any of these concerns!

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