Absence of Body Or Alien Invasion?

Absence of Body Or Alien Invasion?

big wasp nest on house

Scary? Yes!

Is it a Halloween prop or a science fiction horror film of alien invasion?

Is it arriving through a bend in space, And Materializing in front of your eyes?



But this is very much an earth bound phenomenon, even though winged beings with multi-faceted eyes and antennae on their heads does sound “out there”.

This is a wasp nest.  Yup!   A big one. And you can be sure it extends in up and under the shingle siding. You can see at least four shingle joints filled with the hive ‘paper’.

Even the window screening has been pulped and papered. Odds are there is a hole in the screen. This one is likely bigger than it looks, and it looks big.


Combating this ‘invasion’ successfully will require preparation and planning. 

If you’ve ever seen a wasp nest that has been disturbed you’ll have some idea how fast that “mouth” will spit out angry stinging wasps.

A big nest means there will be a lot of them and even though you know that, there’s always more than you think!

They have it good here and they don’t want to go.  So this is an invasion. They don’t want to share! But you need’em gone!

 Clocking this guy on the chin isn’t going to work.

1.     Smart homeowners will call in the pros. Easy, safe and practical.

2.     The adventuresome will buy the canned chemicals at the reno store. Buy more than two, follow all instructions, have a plan B, and be prepared to run like hell.

3.     The foolish will consider water blasting. This will certainly damage the nest considerably, you will get stung – repeatedly, and the wasps will still be there..

4.     The insane would consider fire. It could be successful. There are too many risks to list. The nest will be gone. But maybe the house too. And the wasps may not…

So be smart get a professional ‘exorcism’. Don’t let this demon haunt you. You can only apply so much calamine lotion. And it will still hurt.



What is better than presence of mind in a bad situation?…..Absence of body. 

Better to pay to be elsewhere.


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