Cabinetry 101, Carpentry 312

Cabinetry 101, Carpentry 312


Cabinetry 101;

If your woodworking skills are not up to fine millwork…just do this;
Nail wooden boxes to the wall.

The wrinkle now is to find wooden boxes like this not being sold as antiques.

Carpenrtry 312:

The diagonal wall brace seen here is a good example of a ‘let-in brace’. There are 6 of these stiffening the walls of this garage.

This was done in the days before the use of skill saws and availability of plywood. If plywood was used as sheathing on the exterior wall, the bracing would not be needed. 

These notches in the studs fit tight, prevent sideways or lateral wracking of the frame and fit leaving a flush surface so interior finishes can be applied.

This is all hand work. Powered saws always leave overcut kerfs in the wood and it’s a rare carpenter who fits joints as tight as this using such a saw.


So this is a bit of history, but because the house and garage where built at the same time it shows me how the framing of the house was executed even though I can’t see into the house walls.


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