How Does A Flipper Like Their Eggs…?…………………….The Lazy Flipper’s Fridge

How Does A Flipper Like Their Eggs……………………..The Lazy Flipper’s Fridge 

Have you heard of this one ?;

How does a flipper like his fried eggs…………………I don’t know, but you can bet they’re not sunny side up!

And – What does a flpper keep in his fridge?;

Not much, right?

And there’s a few more paint touchups tp be done. (Paint roller and brush are wrapped in a plastic bags and put in the fridge to keep them from drying between coats of paint – so you don’t have to wash and clean them each time.)

it’s powered, that looks normal, but nobody uses it. There’s no food in it.

And it rocks back and forth. When I look under I can see it’s up on blocks, kind of like a wrecked car.

This fridge is a total prop. It’s staging. It has a stainless steel exterior finish. That’s why it’s there.


So this property is a flip. Bought to fix up the finishes and sell for quick profit.

If you care about the difference between a renovated property or a flip (and for the money you should) then you need an inspection by an experienced professional.

There may not always be a used paint roller in the fridge to tell you.



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You Might Be A Vampire If…………You’re Worried About Radio Activity.

You Might Be A Vampire If…………You’re Worried About Radio Activity.

I recently got this warning via an acquaintance on facebook It came with the link below, which takes you to a site inviting you to a seminar/meeting on the subject.


Hydro Qc Installing Smart Meters- Info Session on RadioActive Dangers from Smart Meters

The idea sounds familiar because this can has been kicked around before.  It is the same dumb idea as getting cancer from cell phones and hands free ear sets.

The Smart Meter is being introduced by our local power utility, Hydro Quebec.

These hydro meters, (residential electric utility meters), are now going digital and will have a limited low power wireless network which works just like the cell phone equipment.

What is that, exactly? It’s a radio. A very small weak broadcasting radio with limited range.

What are radio waves? Simply a form of light that we cannot detect with our eyes.

So the radio ‘light’ from these meters is about as strong as an average flashlight.

The meter readers used to have to enter your property, find the old style mechanical meter on the side of your house, and correctly read it and then record the data.

This is not always as flawless as you may think.

 Now when they stop in your neighbourhood they won’t even need to get out of their vehicle. They will send out a radio signal or cell call and the meter on your house will respond, and transmit the consumption data. Once the meter reader’s unit confirms reception, your meter’s radio will turn off.

The process could be called radio activation and this is where the scary term ‘radioactive’ is drawn from. You’ll notice it was used in the linkage sent with the facebook warning.

But there is no radioactivity involved, no harmful radiation, only a weak radio and for less than a minute.

This technology, increases home security, will improve accuracy and the utility personnel don’t have to deal with strange dogs, poor or difficult access to meters, poor or absent lighting and occasionally territorial homeowners.

But if you are a homeowner and you find the light of a flashlight painful, you might be a vampire. Maybe an unhealthy one at that as there is a world of difference between the suns light and a flashlight beam.


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Kaboom. Nanny, Family, 2 Small Children Die in Fire. Cause Said To Be Electrical!

KABOOM. Nanny, Family, 2 Small Children Die in Fire. Cause Said To Be Electrical! 

That may be the way the headline would read, but fortunately it has not happened. But conditions are prime for it and the risk level is high.


The grey ‘snow’ layer covering everything under this house is laundry lint. About 12 to 20 years accumulation. And it does cover everthing; soil, rocks, insulation roll and other debris a like. And its hanging off joists, wiring and walls.

It’s a real mess! But thats not all. The photos below show the area heater and where it is plugged in.

crawlspace heater   bad plug

This is a powerfull portable commercial heater. It is the only heater in this large crawlspace and it is short cycling, starting and stopping several times a minute. It draws 240 volts when running and may surge higher at startup.

1 Every time it starts it could spark or arc at the motor bushings or in the plug box. The plug box is supposed to be a fully closed contaiment. IT IS NOT. (This is not the only uncontained wiring in this crawlspace, just the most powerfull.)

2 The plug prong orientation results in the plug being held to the outlets such that there is stress on the plug from the weight of the cord. Vibration and time will loosen the plug and expose the prongs, potentialy causing arcing there.

3 The resistance heating coils of this heater can get red hot before the fan cuts in and dissipates the heat. Just visualize air born lint carried into those red hot coils.

Arc = Spark = Ignition = Fire.


Fresh lint may be damp, last weeks lint won’t be. Sooner or later the fan of this heater is going to suck it in and…kaboom!

Fire + dust in suspension = explosion. Lint is nothing if not a flamable dust.

And oh, by the way, did you notice the crawlspace walls in the background. Exposed styrofoam insulation! Burn baby Burn. But before that the foam will off-gas poisonous gasses known to be fatal to humans.

That gas will spread throughout the structure and through walls and floors. The occupants on the 2nd and 3rd floors may not even wake up.



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