What’s your ‘Magic Number”?


What’s your ‘Magic Number”?

Another important maintenance job is to root out tree seedlings or ‘volunteers’ that try to get established at building or shed edges and along fence lines. 

Fence in tree

These areas typically don’t get maintained with the mower so small trees can get established. The longer they are left the harder they can be to get out.

Once they get to the magic number, you may have to get a city permit to remove the ‘tree’. That will cost a few bucks, and in some jurisdictions the neighbour may have acquired the right to veto the removal for aesthetic or privacy reasons.

Here the magic number is 4” in diameter. That may seem large but especially for what are considered the native ‘weed’ trees they get there rather fast.

They are comparatively weak and spindly because they grow being supported by nearby structures or fences.  Because of this they are prone to storm damage and often damage the walls or fence they grew up beside.

So if you own buildings or property it’s wise to know and act before your ‘number’ is up.






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