“Strangely Strange but oddly normal”

“Strangely Strange But Oddly Normal” *

Here’s what my client said about my work;
“Thanks again for yesterday – I really liked your approach, and would . definitely recommend you to my friends.
I’m looking forward to seeing the report.
Also, the house owner was also impressed by your approach.” JSY

Strange, odd?               Some days, on some inspections, that’s the way it seems.
For most inspections its ordinary. You see pretty much the usual, the average, … what you expect to see.
But now and then you turn a corner, open a door, and you do a double take. You just weren’t expecting to see THAT.
But then it becomes normal, there’s no other ‘parts’ to find. Well …… If you’re the inspector you look again; “The pair in the left don’t match, they’re not the same size.”

*(lyrics/music – Mott The Hoople, Ian Hunter)