Has A Stately Tree Suddenly Become Firewood? Has Sandy Rubbed You The Wrong Way?

Has A Stately Tree Suddenly Become Firewood?  Has Sandy Rubbed You The Wrong Way? If you have storm damage what can you do?  Is your car under a tree or in some water?  What now? damaged Tree Many people may find themselves in this situation today. You need your car and you need the tree parts or other debris removed so you can get on with things. But your insurance agent or his appraisers may not be available, or won’t be available for days. And they will be over worked, it not overwhelmed. You may be stuck can’t contact your agent or if your agent does not give you the all clear to move things or he may ask you to document the damage or conditions prior to doing anything first. This is when a certified home and property inspector like me can be a big help to you.

  • We can photo document the damage or the risk conditions.
  • Our photography is of the quality and resolution to capture all details.
  • We are forensically trained photographers and provide sequenced series that locate and detail what happened or is occuring.
  • We provide accurate photo (and video) documentaion that is deliverable electronically.
  • In many instances the documentation is suffucent so the appraisers don’t have to make an immediate site visit.

So when you find yourself or others in this position, cretified professional home and property inspectors like me are able to provide this service. We do recommend that you contact your insurance agent or provider for their advice and approval befor taking any action. And please be mindfull that any time branches, trees or other objects have been damaged or displaced, there is always the risk that live downed wires are present.     Original blog post on ActiveRain: Link to Blog Post

Just a Little Puzzle.

Just a Little Puzzle.

OK, just a little puzzel? This is the puzzle from Sunday’s blog.

The idea was to come up with the name of the town “where the title of these blogs comes from,… figure out the name of the ‘little mill town’.”

All the clues are in the first sentence “Long ago and far away on the western shore of an eastern island province there was a little mill town.”

And you are given this hint: “Of course using goggle is allowed.”

I did make one error. I should have said ‘google maps” specifically.

So use google maps look at the eastern provinces.

Where? Canada, the USA doesn’t have provinces.

So use google maps.

Scan those eastern provinces that have western coasts. There are’t that many. Especially island provinces.

I’ll give you another clue: Look for a place at the head off the deepest bay (longest) you’ve ever seen.




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