E D , Erectile Dysfunction……………………………An OMG File.

E D , Erectile Dysfunction……………………………An OMG File.

chimney photo

Not what you were expecting?  Well neither was I.

I was inspecting the roof with the black shingles, sighting down the soffit for gutter slope when I did a double take on this chimney. O.M. G. indeed.

It took a few moments to realize how this got to be that way. It’s obvious that maintenance repointing has been done.

And it’s equally obvious that it was a DIY mason, likely the home owner. And this erectile dysfunction came about as the homeowner DIY mason has a well developed respect for heights (read fear of heights).

Either that or a ladder that only gave him access to the roof. This curve took some time to develop from multiple repointing repairs over time. The more easily accessible from the roof side got better attention and joints were kept filled (maybe overfilled), while those on the harder to teach out side got less repair and compressed.

On the other direction (90 degree view) there is no curvature evident. From this I can deduce that the mason was right handed. He could reach the sides facing us and facing away with his right hand, and of course the side to the left from our view point.

But the right side would have been hard to reach with his right hand, because he would be too close to the open roof edge on his distaff side. Anybody nervous or hyper aware of the height would rather use their left had and stand more securly in from the roof edge. The left handed work would be less dexterous and repairs maybe less frequent than otherwise.

A clear case of bias wouldn’t you think.



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