Does anybody know what this is?

Unknown hardware found installed in attic.


Robert Butler – Aspect Inspection

This is installed on the ridge board in the attic of a 50’s era built home. We could not trace the wire once it left the attic. The sheathing is braided fabric that is not fraying or heat degraded and the metal of this device is not rusted or damaged. The heating system of this home has been converted to electricity but was originally an oil fired forced air furnace system. This part may date from that time but its’ function is unknown.

Does anybody recognize or know what this is?


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The Pull

What do you think this is ?


I saw this turned wooden ‘bracket’ next to the entrance of the house I was about to inspect.

It looked like one of those adjustable brackets that are sometimes used to raise and lower clothes lines, and they are usually mounted near a door, like this is.  But there is no pulley and it’s made of wood and was once well finished but now appears weathered and worn, especially at the bottom.

As a matter of fact the bottom looks like a handle.  So..I pulled it.

 And a real estate agent answered the door !

 It’s a wall mounted door announcer pull !  Not a handle to pull the door closed. (It’s not on the door anyway.)

IT’S A REAL DOOR BELL.  It’s a handle that pulls a cord or cable that passes to the interior and rings a bell when you pull.

 They were more commonly smaller and made integral with the door (with a small bell hung on the inside of the door. This one is wall mounted (and is larger than the door mounted version).

 Sadly (for the buyers) this device was excluded from the sale. It would be taken by the departing owner. ( I think I would too.)

 The other half – The Door Bell :

The Bell

You can hear this anywhere in the house, and for me it is a lot more classy than buzzers, or even the ubiquitous melodious electronic ‘chimes’.

We still often say ” ring the bell’ or describe the announcing equipment as ‘ the door bell’, but the real thing is rare now. We commonly don’t get to see or hear them anymore.




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