It’s Money In The Bank….Literally.

 It’s Money In The Bank….Literally.

Do you take payments on site or while on the road? Most service providers (like inspectors) do routinely or at least occasionally.

Sure you can be paid by cheque but there are risks. They can return for insufficient funds, incompletion or corrections not initialized. Sometimes they are written to your name and not the company or vice versa.

Of course you’ll accept cash. No problem right? If it is more than a couple hundred it can be a security problem for them and you. It’s bulky. You should count it in front of them. You should provide a receipt and they always ask for a discount.

Then there is credit card payments. You may have to set up a portable machine with internet connection. Basically a cell phone or use your cell phone directly. There are lots of fees involved. Costs for the service, usually a monthly fee. Phone line costs and then the credit card companies withhold a percentage of the transaction, sometimes as high as 6%.

Paypal is a reasonable alternative, but you still have a three day to a week delay in receiving your payment.


So , is there an alternative?   Yes there is!  It’s email money transfer.

You do it on-line where you do your normal on-line banking. There is an option to select email money transfer. Your client does this (on their phone, if they wish). They select the account, the amount, provide your name and email address. They must create a question and supply the answer.

They give you the answer, in person or by separate email. Once they complete the process, you will get an email ( not immediately, but the same day) with their name in the title from the bank.

When you open the email you are asked to answer the question. Then you select the bank , your account and complete the transfer. You don’t have any fees to pay and you client will have minimal or none, depending on their bank arrangements.

This is more secure than a cheque and there are no fees or delays. It’s Money In The Bank….Literally.


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I throw rocks at houses. (Confessions of a rock thrower!)

Yes. I throw rocks at houses. I started in back high school.

I’ve resisted the temptation for years but fell off the wagon a few years ago. I’m back at it.

And my rocks, they aint’ pebbles. No sir these are big. Big chunks of granite (when I can get my hands on them).

But no homes are ever damaged! Ever! Why not?

Because….Not all houses are the same.

As an inspector I rarely come across houses that are not livable, but…

Theses are not!

They’re just painted rings under ice.

Yes, I’m talking about ‘the house’ in the game of Curling. It’s the target zone where the game is scored.

curling zones rink

And those rocks I mentioned, they are chunks of granite. They’re 40 pounds each. So ‘throwing’ them is just an expression.

rockscurling stone

This is one of the ways we spent the winter . For those who don’t ‘get’ the game take a look at the following video.

Here is one of those shots that, like in golf, it’s why you play the game!

So get out and enjoy the season, it can’t all be about work.


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