A Man’s Home Is His Castle, Right?

A Man’s Home Is His Castle, Right? 

Well that’s the old school way of saying it. Saying “One’s home is ones’ castle” may be grammatically and politically correct (gender neutral, for all that.) But it doesn’t ‘ring’ true. Doesn’t sound right.

So, I say ‘a man’s home is his castle’.

While for a few days there have been these runes painted on the street and sidewalk outside my ‘castle’.

Yesterday I came home to a ‘moat’.

There were barricades and the whole sidewalk was gone, with a six foot wide trench where the sidewalk and curb used to be. That’s definitely a moat in terms of urbanites who don’t want to get their shoes wet.

Today we came home to see the new sidewalk formed, poured concrete and draped in wet burlap. There was a guard on duty too. He complained about the dogs walking on the fresh cement and got out his trowels to smooth out the tracks.

He was actually the cement finisher, part of the crew that pours the cement, who stays around to control the curing with the burlap covers and water and to trowel it smooth at critical degrees of hardness known only to those with the experience.

You can hire them and they do the job perfectly but they can’t tell you how they know ‘when’. It’s just experience.

To get to each property they’d laid a steel scaffold deck to walk across over the wet cement moat at each driveway, for all intents and purposes a ‘drawbridge’.

They say when they finish the curb, they’re going to rip up the whole street and replace it. So it looks like we’ll be barricaded in here for a long siege.

Is this mans home his castle?

It’s beginning to feel like it.

I just don’t know what to do. I mean, should I sign up for that archery course or light the fires under the cauldrons of oil.

Chess anyone?  Backgammon?


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E-plaid? Is It The Trend Leader? Email Has Defined Snail-Mail. Is E-Plaid the Same?

E-plaid? Is It The Trend Leader? Email Has Defined Snail-Mail. Is E-Plaid the Same?

You know what plaid is, right? Those patterns championed by the Scotts. Defining clans and families.

Well that may be so but most of us hear ‘you not wearing that today!’ when we put on that nice plaid shirt given (birthday, xmas) to us by ___ (older gen family relation) . Unless of course you live in a real life version of the set of “Men in Trees”.

Nevertheless I believe I’ve been inspired by this electrical vision for the latest fashion e-plaid;

elect panel wall

So here’s my inspiration for the new e-plaid; multilayered vibrant reds, blacks, whites and silver crisscrossing over a tan background. Could this not become the latest e-tartran fashion.

Are the colours not vibrant, especially with all that ‘electricity’ flowing through them.

Why the impedance alone has to get you all ‘charged’ up.

Just don’t pass your credit card near this. the magnetic fields will erase those digits six ways from Sunday.


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Be Cool and Allow a Little Time for the Unexpected.


Be Cool and allow a little time for the unexpected.

I’m a naturally a calm person.  I typically don’t get upset about a flat tire for example, just jet out the jack and spare and change it.

Yesterday I got rear-ended. Just a bump, only minor damage.  Instantly you regret that it happened and rue the delay it will cause in your day.

As I got out to look at the damage I thought OK, it’s cold, its raining, I’m going to get wet and I’m going to be late for my inspection.  But the other driver’s day is worse than mine, as he hit me. Sure he regrets it.

When I met the other driver and looked at the damage, we did not come to agreement on what damage there was. He did not want to exchange insurance information. But he did agree to let the police sort it out.  We didn’t loose patience with each other, we just had different opinions.

So while he phone the police, I phoned my clients to let them know that I would probably be late and why.  As it turned out the police got there in good time (we were on the side of an extremely busy auto route) and they did their thing.

I actually got to my appointment on time.

The observation here is that nothing could change the ‘fact’ of the accident, but getting upset and heated about it would only have led to recriminations, accusations and arguments (or worse).

All it would do is make everything take longer, get everybody involved agitated, and angry.

It would accomplish nothing, wouldn’t fix anything, or resolve the situation. Just make a poor situation worse.

So it was an accident, we did not agree but we kept our cool. The insurance will settle it, and we parted as, at least acquaintances, not enemies.

We got on our way. I got to my appointment on time. We were cool.

But that’s only part of the story.  You have to build in time,.. build in time in your day to deal with delays, interruptions, breaks, over-runs and the plain ol’ unexpected.

So when I leave for an appointment or an inspection I schedule it so the vehicle has gas, there’s time to allow for the usual traffic and get there 15 minutes early.

That creates a buffer and the longer the drive or heaver traffic conditions the earlier I leave, to create a bigger buffer.

So when something happens you’re not in a panic because you have no time. You’re not agitated at traffic lights or riding the other guys bumper.

You are less likely to be in an accident. You’ve got time to wait for pedestrians and dogs to cross the road.

In short you have no stress.

And if you get there, and there was no traffic , no detours or other delays, being a little too early is a stress thats much easier to cope with.

If you can’t start early on the house or the paperwork, you can always go find a ‘Tims’ or a ‘Starbucks’ and relax with a coffee.

Have a break, you’re where you should be.



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